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Invite your customers

Invite Customers & Prospects to the Show for Free

Every exhibitor receives a unique VIP code for complimentary registration, for you to share with your customers and prospects. VIP promo Codes are e-mailed to each exhibiting company’s show contact on file. You don’t have your VIP code? Email us today.

HTML Personalized Invitation

Invite your customers, prospects and partners with an easy custom email invitation featuring your VIP promo code and logo. Contact us to request your HTML file.

In your email request:
– Attach your company logo
– Request French, English, or both

Website and Social Media Ads

Banner Ads

Download an ExpoCam banner ad to place on your company website and let your customers know you will be at the show. Add your booth number in the white space using Arial Bold.

Social Media

Communicate your presence at ExpoCam through social media! We will be promoting

highlights of the show. Join the fun and promote your presence at ExpoCam before the show to attract even more customers to your booth! Add your booth number in the white space using Arial Bold. Tag us on social media @expocamQC.

ExpoCam Logos

Looking to create your own ad to invite your customers to ExpoCam? Download the ExpoCam logos to use in your promo pieces.

Order Printed Brochures

Customized printed brochures with your VIP promo code can be printed upon request at no charge. Let us know how many you need by February 3rd, 2023.


Valerie Pang
Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]