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BOOTH #3411

Product: Tracklight
Product Category:  Vehicle tracking – Telematics/Communications

The Tracklight allows:
– Eliminate vehicle trips to do yard inventories.
– No unnecessary driving to look for a trailer.
– A reduction in the fleet because assets are optimized.
– During a theft, security can follow the GPS without having cars patrolling around the country.
– Save IDLE time.


BOOTH #3220

Product: April Bio Écolo and April BIO-SYN HEES
Product Category: Fuel/Oil/Lubricants and additives

APRIL Ecolo: an inherently biodegradable lubricant (20-60% in 28 days) of superior quality.

APRIL BIO-SYN HEES HYDRAULIC OIL: is a rapidly biodegradable hydraulic oil (>80% in 28 days) of superior quality.


BOOTH #2831

Product: Roxane Loiseau
Product Category: Vehicle tracking – Telematics/Communications

The Lighthouse business intelligence platform can identify combustion vehicles that meet the criteria for conversion to an electric equivalent, the GHG reduction opportunities and profits that can be realized by making these changes, as well as optimize the fuel use of combustion vehicles.


BOOTH #4517

Product: Brake Beaver
Product Category: Heavy Duty On-The-Vehicle Brake Lathe

Using a Brake Beaver to refurbish disc brakes makes them last twice as long, preventing thousands of pounds of waste ending up in the landfill.


BOOTH #1410 (Proforce Marketing)

Product: Solar Panels
Product Category: Solar Energy / Fuel Reduction

Solar power provides an alternate source of energy to run auxiliary systems, such as AC, heat, and refrigeration. Instead of relying on the truck’s engine for power, solar panels can be used to charge batteries, which can then power these systems. The result: significant reduction of time spent idling, fuel savings and reduced emissions.


BOOTH #1333

Product: FleetSpin, FleetFixy “Fixy”
Product Category: Software – Fleet/Logistics/Routing

Experience a new level of fleet management with FleetSpin’s tightly integrated solution, providing transparency and real-time updates between dispatchers and drivers, all in one place. Stay on top of fleet maintenance with Fixy’s easy-to-use tools and features


BOOTH #3201

Product: Ecodriving
Product Category: Expertise/training in eco-driving + telemetry tools

Our training specialists, recognized by Transition Énergétique Québec as part of the eco-driving training program, and our products will help you understand the factors that influence the energy consumption of your heavy vehicles and adopt new energy-efficient behaviors and safer driving.


BOOTH #2309

Product: Active Decompression Technology (ADT)
Product Category: Engines and Related Components

When drivers expressed frustration with anti-idling regulations, Jacobs’ engineers developed a device to improve start-up and shutdown engine technology. ADT allows drivers to experience smoother start-ups with faster starting times and engine shutdown without engine-induced cabin vibration.

Product: Cylinder Deactivation (CDA)
Product Category: Engines and Related Components

For improved fuel economy & exhaust thermal management: CDA leverages Jacobs’ well-established componentry to disable engine valves in selected cylinders, allowing a large engine to have the fuel economy of a smaller engine. Higher exhaust temperatures in operating cylinders maintain aftertreatment temperatures at low load conditions and start-up.

Product: Lashless Valvetrain with Engine Braking
Product Category: Engines and Related Components

Enabling the use of HLAs with a Jake Brake – HLA technology has been desired on HD engines to eliminate the need to set and adjust lash and to optimize the cam design to enhance engine performance and efficiency. A hydraulic cam design allows for optimization in the seating ramp areas which can lead to improvements in fuel economy and emissions.

Product: Variable Valve Actuation (VVA)
Product Category: Engines and Related Components

VVA assists in meeting transient emissions and fuel economy targets. A variable lift valvetrain opens up possibilities to meet these needs with minimal changes to the base engine and aftertreatment system while using Jacobs’ proven mechanisms to achieve benefits such as reduced fuel consumption and reduced NOx emissions.


BOOTH #4018

Product: BYD Forklifts
Product Category: Forklift trucks, handling equipment

BYD designs forklifts powered by a sealed Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. This eco-friendly battery is 100% recyclable, so there is no risk to the environment. Safe, it will never leak, never catch fire, it is non-toxic and maintenance free for life. Energy saving, quick one hour recharge.


BOOTH #3101

Product: TruckRight
Product Category: Software – Fleet/Logistics/Routing

TruckRight is literally built to make trucking greener. As a 100% cloud-based software platform, TruckRight immediately reduces each client’s carbon footprint by eliminating a massive amount of paper waste. You could say we’re making trucking greener one Driver Qualification File at a time!


BOOTH #1442

Product: Vecton Long Drain 10W-30, Vecton Long Drain 5W-30, Vecton 15W-40
Product Category: Fuel/Oil/Lubrication and Additives

The world’s first carbon-neutral commercial vehicle engine oils

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